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New member of the Central European Automation Holding team

The industrial company SOGOS - FANAM from Otrokovice became a part of the Central European Automation Holding (CEAH) group in September 2023.

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SOGOS-FANAM is a respected and reliable provider of various industrial solutions and services focused on a specific tire and rubber production market.

For more than 20 years, this company has focused on repairs, reconstruction, and modernization of machinery, including the preparation of design and technical documentation

Other specialties include piece and batch production of pneumatic and electrical switchgear including installations, production and assembly of piping, repair of pressure vessels, refurbishment of spare parts and worm shafts, welding of non-ferrous metals, repair of molds and refurbishment of spare parts. SOGOS-FANAM also carries out the complete implementation of piping – air, water, and other media. Last but not least, the company offers welding shop and welding school services.

The company was founded in 1997. Initially, the activity was focused on the production of piece metal parts. Later it expanded its action areas according to the needs of the dominant customer Barum Continental.

Currently, SOGOS – FANAM employs more than 100 people.

Important customers include Barum Continental and its plants, Matador, Mitas, Festo, Fatra Napajedla, and others.

The combined resources and expertise of SOGOS-FANAM together with established CEAH members Automa CZ, Antra ID & Auware Engineering will further enable the group to offer a broader range of high-quality services to meet the manufacturing needs of its customers.

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