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About Us

Our highly-skilled, specially trained, experienced teams in local and international operations, quality, engineering, and innovation are always at the forefront of Auware Engineering’s solutions.

From technical and engineering to software development, our team provides diverse opportunities for those with the skill, determination, and drive to enhance production possibilities.


Auware Engineering was established to provide high-quality engineering and programming services to local and global customers. Our daily goal and mission are to provide above-standard services and solutions which meet all requirements and standards of Industry 4.0.


We give our customers the future of their production. We aspire to be the best choice for customers in areas demanding a high level of expertise and experience with industrial automation solutions.

The future is in automation

We are here to help to respond flexibly to the continuous development of exciting challenges of Industry 4.0 and increasingly prolong the future of production.

We will continue following the path of innovation, knowledge and the best in class solutions and services that has brought us to now and will lead us tomorrow!

Auware Engineering Kft. is a leading provider of Professional Services & Solutions specializing in Industry 4.0 & Industrial Automation. Our expertise includes design, programming, retrofitting projects, and strategic consulting, making us the perfect partner for your business.

Our strength is optimizing production, maintenance, and standardization, especially in the automotive industry. Our highly trained and systematic professional team delivers its services and solutions to large enterprises and critical suppliers across Central Europe. We operate in areas that demand high expertise, such as software development for industrial controls, customized software, and the design, production, and commissioning of automated machines and robotics cells tailored to meet specific customer needs.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professional approach, expertise and experience, uncompromising reliability, commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and long-term relationships. These values are deeply embedded in our DNA, and we apply them to every project we undertake.

At Auware Engineering, we have a proven track record in providing services to global suppliers of entire production lines or partial machinery. We take full responsibility for whole control systems programming, on-site commissioning, and on-site support during production, ensuring your production lines’ smooth and efficient operation lines.

We are proud to be a key me of Central European Automation Holding, which provides us with access to additional resources and a broader portfolio of highly skilled professionals focused on Industrial Automation Services and Solutions. Through our sister companies, Automa CZ and Antra ID Kft., we can address any Industrial Automation demands of our customers in any segment.