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Auware Engineering brings the best industrial automation knowledge and experiences to help customers transform their businesses to compete in today’s digital and automation world.

If you are passionate about this area and generally fascinated by Industry 4.0, we would like to hear from you! You will have many chances to improve the production environment for customers, optimize production, participate in international projects, and constantly learn and push the boundaries of automation and digitization together.

Let's face Industry 4.0 challenges together!

We are paving the way to the future with cutting-edge technologies!

For the future of greater production convenience and effectiveness, we are developing advanced solutions for the creation of never-before-realized value. We are never content with the status quo. We are continuously pursuing industrial production transformation.

The customers’ success is our success!

We’re experienced, trained professionals dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with our customers by understanding their individual needs and challenges.
The customer is always in the driving seat!

Synchronized team of strong individuals!

Collaboration is our greatest strength! We listen, share ideas, and work closely with our customers to find the best solutions to their challenges. Together we are a strong symbiosis of unique and specialized experts!

We are hiring!

Our values


Our commitment to work ethic is our willingness to work hard beyond what is necessary.

Our dedication to our work ethic shows that we are committed to the personal or professional tasks we undertake.

We make a difference in our work by doing more than expected.

Our hard work separates the good from the great in any area.

Delivering the Promise

It isn’t easy to deliver on promises and it will never be easy! Like most things, delivering on promises requires effort, which is our daily job!

We keep pushing ourselves every day until we get absolutely everything done.

We keep our promises, and we deliver more than is expected.

We are responsible, and customers have trust in us.


It expresses humility and respect and shows that we are committed to the team and its success rather than seeking personal recognition. 

We believe in a collaborative effort and that everyone on the team is essential. This behavior builds trust and collaboration among co-workers, leading to a more productive work environment.

Taking on extra responsibility leads us to advancement opportunities!


To us, integrity is about standing firm when faced with the temptation to compromise. Integrity is part of our strong character that upholds the values we believe in.

It concerns moral standards that we apply to all areas of our work and life.

We aim to hold up the same standard of honesty, trustworthiness, and responsibility in the workplace and outside of it.

Auware Engineering is an Industry 4.0 & Industrial Automation focused Professional Services & Solutions provider with proven skills in design, programming, retrofitting projects, and strategical consulting to optimize production, maintenance, and standardization, esp. in the automotive industry.

Our vision

We give our customers the future of their production. We aspire to be the best choice for customers in areas demanding a high level of expertise.

Our mission

We focus on providing high-quality engineering services to our customers using innovative technologies. We help our customers to increase the capacity of their production line, decrease the cycle time of the machines, the expenses on waste and Idle time and save energy and money.