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Industrial software development

At Auware Engineering, we have significant experience developing innovative and user-friendly software products specifically designed for industrial automation.

Our software solutions are easy to modify and customize, ensuring they meet each of our customer’s unique needs.

Our software products include a wide range of solutions that support small-scale production equipment, such as tools that enable easy data transfer from PLCs to Excel files. We work closely with small businesses to provide tailored software packages to improve their operations and help them achieve their goals. Our team is skilled in preparing software and setting up displays for industrial controls based on the specific requirements of our customers.

We’re committed to delivering top-quality software products that meet the needs of our customers. We conduct thorough testing on-site at the customer’s premises to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards. We value and use our customers’ feedback to refine and improve our software solutions. Once the final version of the software is accepted, we provide comprehensive employee training and documentation to ensure that our customers can easily integrate the software into their operations.


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