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What the future may bring in robotics

The opportunities and limitations of industrial robotics are far from the same as 10-20 years ago.

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Robotized workpiece movement does not necessarily take up as much space, does not cost as much money, and does not take as much time to integrate as people may believe.

Think and grow rich!

If a machine tool makes money, a robotized machine tool makes double the money. However, it is worth considering the expected effects before taking action. Before automating a machine tool, it is important to consider the component size and weight capacity of the automation system, as this is often less than the size and weight capacity of the machine tool itself. Also, consider the weight of the grippers, as these will later affect the total weight of the parts that can be loaded.

Where to next, robotics?

The mechatronic properties of the gripping structures are already quite advanced, but the software side that controls it is not yet able to operate it well. A significant breakthrough is expected in robots’ imaging modality and vision-based intelligence. Thanks to the intelligent vision, industrial robots can operate based on camera images shortly. Auware Engineering Kft. customizes the robot cell, adjusting to the company’s product mix and the planned level of automation.

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