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Our automation technology is designed specifically for each customer’s unique production needs, ensuring that we maximize the capacity of their production lines while minimizing cycle times and downtime.

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At Auware Engineering, we deliver exceptional production optimization services to our customers. Our automation technology is customized for each customer’s production requirements, ensuring that we maximize their production line’s capacity while minimizing cycle times and downtime. It saves our clients valuable resources and helps them achieve greater productivity and profitability in the long term.

Our highly skilled professionals work closely with our customers to comprehend their needs and provide tailored solutions that enhance the safety, speed, and efficiency of their production processes.

In our customer’s manufacturing facility, two production lines were in operation, producing similar products. However, the facility owners encountered various challenges in maintaining the two separate lines: efficiency, space, energy consummation, etc. Consequently, they decided to consolidate the two lines into a new one, aiming to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance expenses.

Upon being contacted by the facility owners, our team promptly got to work. We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing production lines and identified the machines that could be retained and those that required retrofitting. Additionally, we suggested the integration of new machinery to boost productivity and decrease downtime.

Our team exerted significant effort on the project, collaborating closely with the facility’s management team. We managed the project, designed the electrical systems, programmed the machinery, and developed the mechanical designs. Our primary focus was optimizing the new production line for maximum efficiency and productivity while meeting the facility’s unique requirements.

The outcome was a brand new production line that was more efficient, cost-effective and produced quality products. The facility owners were delighted with the results, and we were honored to have played a part in realizing their objectives.

The facility is operating at peak capacity, generating an unprecedented volume of products. Our team takes pride in our significant contribution towards achieving this feat, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate on additional innovative projects.

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