Your office is not just a place to work. It is the beating heart of your company that drives you to success.

We can help you ensure that all equipment is efficiently and accurately recorded during the mandatory annual inventory of fixed assets.

Imagine how many offices there are in Hungary, with what assets, and how much time and energy are spent every year to carry out an inventory. These thousands of working hours could be used for precisely what you have your employees for, namely by digitizing the entire process.

The solution from Antra ID ensures quick and efficient stocktaking, versatile data collection with different input options, and sophisticated logistics processes.

  • Every fixed asset gets an ID code with a barcode or RFID label.
  • With a handheld terminal and its installed mobile data collector software, fixed asset data are captured.
  • Data captured from different sources is processed, edited, and transferred to the company’s ERP system.
  • The web-based application enables access to data from anywhere easily for authorized users.
  • On-demand reports can be generated too.