In the warehouse, our priority is to keep material and inventory moving without putting our customers at risk of something getting lost or misplaced and then spending hours searching for the item.

When you’re manufacturing goods, you can’t compromise on quality – and we feel the same about warehouse efficiency. When every second counts, it’s a necessity, not a luxury!

How do you guarantee the forklift puts the pallet with goods in the proper storage location?

A solution for automatically identifying all material being processed in the warehouse using a forklift equipped with Barcode or RFID technologies.

The forklift is installed with fixed readers based on the selected technology.

When the forklift lifts a palette, the fix readers on the forklift immediately capture the palette ID.

The software running on the forklift terminal then sends the target storage location information to the worker, where to put the palette.

When the forklift arrives at the given storage location with the palette, the forklift reader automatically captures the storage location ID immediately at the time of loading, ensuring the assigning palette ID to the storage location ID.